FCI 029/08

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Ch. Nelson of Kraft Hill

(Ch.Apollo V. Cobra x Ch. Kahlua of Kraft Hill)


Cause of death : prostate cancer

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Ch.Erebus Prince Cosmo Corsaro

(Gr.Rep.Ch. Erebus Princess Azrah Nera x PoR Krez)


Cause of death : complications after blockage surgery

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Ch. Branka Maxima di Altobello

( Int.Ch.Maxim di Altobello x Ch.Prima di Altobello )


Cause of death : arterial thrombosis on the 55th day of pregnancy

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Nanette King of Darkness

( Tahi-Reme Romeo x Come As You Are Vesta)


Cause of death : euthanasia due to cancer of lymph nodes

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Olimpia Dea di Altobello

( Ch.Power del Mediano x Int.Ch.Fortuna di Altobello )


Cause of death : stomach bloat

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